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Safety symbolic and PPE signage


Symbolic safety signs are available in ABS plastic or in Chromadek. We also offer Photo luminescent symbolic signs (Glow in the dark). Further more we make all kinds of PPE signage custom configured to any SHEQ officers criteria (size and layout). The sizes available on standard workshop and office symbolics as set out in SANS 1186-1:2011 as follows 150 x 150mm 190 x 190mm, 290 x 290mm or 440 x 440mm modules.


Safety sign (symbolic safety sign)
Sign that conveys a general safety message, by using a combination of colour and geometric shape and that, by the addition of a graphic symbol or text, conveys a

particular safety message.

NOTE: Where necessary, the safety sign may be accompanied

by a supplementary sign.


Fire fighting information (FB) sign

Safety sign that provides information for fire fighting purposes




General information (GA) sign
Safety sign that provides information of a general nature and

of safe conditions



Mandatory (MV) sign
Safety sign that indicates that a specific course of action is to be





Prohibitory (PV) sign
Safety sign that indicates that certain behavior is prohibited.




Warning (WW) sign
Safety sign that conveys the warning of a hazard



Supplementary sign
Sign with text that can be used in conjunction with a safety sign in order to provide additional

The option is also available to have the modules framed in a natural anodised aluminium frame


PPE signage (Mandatory requirements)
Signs fully describing PPE requirements to provide additional information in both a pictorial and sometimes text option. This type of sign depends on the clients requirements best fitted his application and instruction.

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