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Vehicle signage


Using quality vinyls or laminated digital prints, to create visually attractive designs and branding, there by exposing your company or products to thousands of potential customers daily. Ask yourself why not advertise while your vehicle goes about its daily business, its probably the most cost effective, in your face advertising out there. Its almost permanent, once the initial layout has been made, its free at a fraction of the cost of other forms of once off advertising. Vehicle branding and signage is not only a good advertising tool but also adds an element of professionalism and pride to your organisation.


Branding directly imply's the use of one's logo's, colours and graphics in bringing across a very clear message of commitment and belief in your brands and products.




Magnetic vehicle signage forms part of a temporary or flexible way of advertising or marking ones vehicle in a way that is easily removed and re-applied when the need arises or presents itself.  It is useful also when using reflective vehicle marking or hazchem application in the Dangerous goods compliance category where LDV's are considered.


Decals are and integral part of a machine or vehicles finish and none would be complete without them, be it a restoration or a custom look. Dirt bikes need them, all the way to the biggest machines like earth movers and boats.

Safety and Warning


These decals are widely used to inform and warn users of dangerous machinery. They also are used as in the safety symbolic category that conveys a general safety message, by using a combination of colour and geometric shapes in addition of a graphic symbol or text, conveys a particular safety message,be it General information warning, Mandatory equipment, Prohibitory sign, Warning of a hazard or a Fire fighting information sticker.



Reflective fleet numbering


Reflective fleet numbering applied to LDV's and earthmovers for ease of identification and visibility contestant

with mine applications where it forms an imperative part of conformity and applicable standards.

Dangerous Goods


Hazchem signage is of paramount importance to the dangerous goods logistic industry. K2 along with sister company Hazchem Placards have put a lot of time and effort into bring our clients a complete dangerous goods compliance package that you can trust for its experience, price and turn around times.

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