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Signboards manufactured to your specifications in a vast array of different materials and configurations, be that stand alone signs, chromadek wall mounted signs, flex face signs, lightboxes, a-frames and perspex signs. K2 also undertakes the installation and rigging of all of our work by competent erectors using materials and fasteners to suit each installation.

Stand Alone


Stand alone refers to signs that are permenantly held upright on their own accord ie. permanent poles or a structure dedicated to their support. This type of signage is usually of a permanent nature typically

constructed from steel.


A-frame signs are also known as pavement signs and are great for directing potential customers on foot and vehicle traffic. They are easily moved around and are great for advertising special or bargain sales.

Wall mount


Wall mounted signs as the name suggests are mounted directly to a wall, gate or fascia this reduces the cost and in some instances saves on the money it would take to manufacture a frame they are also easier to iluminate considering that they are generally nearier a power source.



Banners are typically used as temporary signage but are extremely versatile because of their flexibility and ease of displaying they are ideal for a special occasion, exciting sale, specific event or temporary location. They can be fitted with ropes or permanently mounted indoors or out. Banners come in many forms traditional banners with eyelets and ropes to custom sizes and varing rope lengths, we also offer other forms such as roll up banners, giant flag or the indoor hanging type.

Cut out letters


Cut out letters and graphics are a very trendy and classy way of marking a location or esablishment, cut from acrylic (perspex), plastic, wood or metal, they can be flat mounted or raised. Ideal for internal shop fittings or exterior signage.

Safety symbolics &
PPE signage


Symbolic safety signs are available in ABS plastic or in Chromadek. We also offer Photoluminescent symbolic signs (Glow in the dark). Further more we make all kinds of PPE signage costom configured to any SHEQ officers criteria (size and layout).

Light boxes


Light boxes are internaly iluminated signs that have a translucent front face (panel) that allows the internal light source to bring them to life they are visually appealing at night and in the day and can be fabricated to make letters and graphics stand out  (3d) they are generally constructed with an aluminium frame and have a acrylic (perspex) face.

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