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Nameplates, makers-plates, plaques, labels, badges, instrument panels come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Aluminium, brass, steel, acrylic, vinyl and wood. Aluminium plates permanently laser marked can be etched in conjunction with it being numerically stamped. Name plates can also be partially vinyl applied and domed or clear laminated. Nameplates can be attached via double sided tape or have holes which can be riveted to a product. Etching can be used in cases of larger quantities instead of engraving paint filled and polished. The applications and designs are endless.

Domed labels  


Doming is a special process which adds to labels, decals, stickers and badges which makes them much more appealing and adds protection from scratching and the sun. K2 achieve this attractive enhancement by coating graphics in a special clear almost 3D finish, which brings otherwise flat graphics to life. Doming can be used to create decals and labels for use on more upmarket products or applications.

Makers Plates



These plates can be engraved, etched, stamped, silkscreened, annodised they are used to brand or mark, logo's, vin numbers, load tolerances etc.

Etched signs and plates


Etching steel is the chemical process of extracting material from a work piece leaving behind text or a graphic much in the same fashion as

milling or engraving, only that the process is faster and thereby cheaper  in larger quantities. The etched artwork can be paint filled in black. Etching can be done on brass, steel and  aluminium.




Laser Engraving


Laser engraving on  wood, aluminium,

acrylic and twin colour plastic that resembles steel, and comes in different colours, top color and then engraved colour. This type of engraving can be used for name badges, trophies

and makers-plates.

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